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¥ 3,500.00 价格包含VAT、地方税、消费税和送货费

Coloro色彩词典即清晰色彩沟通,Lookbook中3500颜色是按色彩编码顺序排列。简洁便携的活页夹设计,共有50页,每页展示70个尺寸为1.5cm x 1.5cm双层涤纶色片。特别对买手、跟单员、营销员和供应商很有帮助,是一款快速参考工具。

Key features:

  • 方便、轻巧、便捷;
  • 3,500 个颜色;
  • 50张色彩编码顺序排列的页面,活页夹设计;
  • 每个页面70个颜色-1.5X1.5cm双层涤纶面料色片,贴合在非荧光增白纸卡上;
  • 简单快捷色彩查找工具,附有索引标明每个颜色的位置;
  • 每个颜色都有相应的7位数字编码,分别代表色相、明度和彩度;
  • 每个颜色都有相应的Coloro Polyswatch色卡;
    • 尺寸 L x W x H (mm) 235*250*70mm – 面料 10.5 x 10 cm;
    • 双层无衬面料,贴合在非荧光增白纸卡上;
  • 免费下载技术参数 – LAB, RGB, HTML。


尺寸 LxWxH (mm) 和重量 (kg):
1 本 – 235*250*70mm
0.38 kg (空)
1.6 kg (页面或色卡)
共计: 2 kg

The images of the products on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Although CLR Code has made every effort to display the colors accurately, CLR Code cannot guarantee that a device’s display of the colors accurately reflects the color of the products.

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An intuitive, intelligent and easy-to-use system as never seen before, with game-changing color tools.

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